Security Pole

The Security Pole from Stander is one-of-a-kind transfer pole that can be installed anywhere in your home.

Its tension-mounted design allows you to install the pole without use of screws, nails, or fasteners of any kind.

It works great as a handle to get out of the shower, or as a grab bar to assist getting off the couch.

While most of our customers use the Security Pole for mobility purposes, creative uses for this pole are endless!


  • TRANSFER POLE: The Security Pole offers steady support and improved balance when sitting, standing, or transferring.
  • CUSHION GRIP: The closed-cell foam grip sits 30″-54″ off the ground and helps to provide a firm and comfortable grip when using the pole.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The Security Pole is height adjustable to fit most flat ceilings from 7 to 10 feet tall and supports up to 300 pounds.
  • TENSION-MOUNTED: Easily install the transfer pole anywhere in the house by tightening the pole to create tension between the floor or ceiling.
  • PADDED BEAM AND BASE: The top I-beam distributes tension evenly throughout the ceiling; a padded base piece and top beam protect floors and ceilings from markings.


  • VERSATILE FALL PROTECTION: Use the Security Pole to prevent dangerous falls when getting out of the shower, off the toilet, out of a bed, or up from a chair.
  • INSTALLS ANYWHERE AT HOME: The tension-mounted design allows anyone to install the Security Pole anywhere in the home without needing to find floor or ceiling joists.
  • NO RESTRAINTS: Unlike traditional wall-mounted grab bars, the Security Pole can be installed in the middle of the room where support is needed the most.
  • TWO COLOR OPTIONS: Match the Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar to the style of your home by choosing between two colors: Iceberg White or Metallic Black.

Helps to Safely Sit, Stand, or Transfer

Prevent falls anywhere in the home with the one-of-a-kind transfer pole. Use the padded grip to lift yourself up from a toilet, bathtub, bed, or chair and balance yourself with the transfer pole.

The Security Pole secures in place with tension and has been designed to support lateral weights up to 300 pounds!



Comfortable Padded Cushion Grip

The discrete and slim design of the Security Pole helps can be fitted to almost any space. The two color options (Iceberg White and Metallic Black) blend in with any home!

The padded cushion grip sits 30″-54″ from the floor and helps to ensure comfort when using the pole. Unlike other grab bars, the Security Pole can be used from any angle making it the perfect solution in a bathroom to be used with both a shower or bathtub and a toilet!


Easily Install the Pole Anywhere in the Home

The Security Pole assembles and installs within minutes using the provided wrench. To install, tighten the pole using the wrench to create tension between the floor and ceiling. No drilling or hardware needed!

Unlike traditional wall-mounted grab bars, the Security Pole can be installed in any location you need support. Use it in the middle of the bathroom, next to a bed, or to get up out of your favorite chair.