Sit To Stand Transport Patient Sling

Sit To Stand Transport Patient Sling

The Sit-to-Stand Transport sling, also known as stand assist sling, is made for patients who have minimal weight-bearing capacity, head and neck control, able to bend at the hip, knees, and ankles, and can sit up on the edge of the bed. This sit-to-stand transport sling is designed to be used for simple transfers or transporting the patient longer distances using a sit-to-stand type of patient lift.


The sit-to-stand transport sling is designed like a divided leg sling or U-sling by providing back support up to the shoulder area and under the thighs. The sit-to-stand transport sling is used to transfer totally or partially dependent individuals in a seated position. The transport sling provides patients with a safe, supportive and comfortable way to transfer from a seated position in and out of bed to a chair, wheelchair, toilet or from chair to chair.