AutoDrive™ 3.0 makes America’s #1 selling brand of lift chairs easier to use than ever!New-AutoDrive

Golden introduces AutoDrive 3.0, the latest revolution in power lift and recline chair positioning technology. No other lift chair can effortlessly drive you to the pre-programmed Zero-gravity, TV or Sleep positions while also allowing you the ability to set your perfect position quickly and easily!

AutoDrive 3.0 has a new look, with a button layout that is more user-friendly and intuitive. AutoDrive 3.0 is also safer with the option for a partial lockout or full lockout. Its buttons are backlit and automatically dim when not in use, and provide an audible click noise when pressed so you know the button has been engaged to move the chair.

Total Control with just two buttons!

liftreclineAutoDrive’s Lift and Recline buttons operate the same way as the buttons on a two button lift chair hand control, giving you easy and Total Control of your lift chair!

“Lift”  gently raises you to the standing position no matter how you’re relaxing in your chair.

“Recline”  makes it easy to find your favorite position to take a rejuvenating nap or a get a great night’s sleep.

Position Control provides comfort unlike any other chair.

P“P”  This button is used to reprogram the pre-programmed positions or activate lockout features.

ZG“ZG”The ZG button glides you into the pressure-free comfort of the Zero-gravity position, where the spine, hip and knee joints are balanced and positioned to provide natural relaxation and minimal muscle tension.

TV“TV”  is designed for upright relaxation. The seat of the chair raises to create a neutral lower body posture. The backrest stays upright, providing neck and head support.

SIT“SIT”  allows you to relax while eating, reading or spending time with family and friends.

SLEEP“SLEEP”  Enjoy our factory set sleep position, or program the SLEEP button to move the chair to the perfect spot to ensure your great night’s sleep!

Custom Control makes it easy to find your perfect positions!

These arrows allow you to independently move the footrest and backrest.

To get into the Trendelenburg position, use the ZG button to move to the Zero-gravity position. Then use the backrest down button until the chair stops moving.

New design raises backrest 31% faster than previous models!