PT Bedcane

The PT BedCane from Stander combines functionality with style.

This low-profile bed handle is perfect for anyone needing assistance in and out of bed.

The ergonomic handle allows the user to apply a two-handed grip, providing ultimate leverage when needing bedside assistance.


  • SUPPORT HANDLE: The ergonomic handle of the PT BedCane helps to provide balance and support when transferring from bed while withstanding weights up to 300 pounds.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Adjust the height of the safety handle from 19″ to 25″ for a customized fit to the height of your mattress.
  • ORGANIZER POUCH: Store small items in an easily accessible location next to your bed inside the included storage saddle pouch.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The PT BedCane works with most traditional bed types with mattresses between 8″ and 15″ thick. It is not intended to be used with adjustable beds. Do not use with an extra soft mattress.


  • PREVENT FALLS: The PT BedCane helps to provide fall protection during the night while also assisting in transfers out of bed as a support handle.
  • LOW-PROFILE: Designed to blend into your bedroom like another piece of furniture, the PT BedCane is unobtrusive and discrete.
  • BEDSIDE STORAGE: Avoid falling out of bed while reaching for a nightstand by storing personal items like glasses, phones, and medications in the organizer pouch.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The PT BedCane slips between the mattress and box spring/slats and attaches to the bedframe with the included safety strap.

Ergonomic Handle to Help Stand from Bed

The 6.5-inch wide padded handle provides extra support and leverage when sitting or standing from bed. The bedside safety handle supports weights up to 300 pounds.

Use the bed rail as a safety handle for balance and support when transferring from bed to a walker, rollator, wheelchair, or bedside commode.


Store Belongings in the Organizer Bag

The PT BedCane includes an organizer saddle bag for easily accessible storage. Keep small items like phones, tablets, reading glasses, or medications at your bedside. The organizer pouch helps to prevent dangerous falls out of bed that can occur when reaching to a bedside nightstand.

Adjust the height of the handle from 19″ to 25″ from the base of the mattress to find the optimal positioning for the greatest leverage.


Compatible with Most Traditional Bed Types

The PT BedCane can be installed on most traditional bed types with mattresses 8″ to 15″ thick. This bed rail is not intended for use on adjustable beds or with extra soft mattresses.

Slip the base tubes between the mattress and the box spring, platform, or slats and secure the rail to the bedframe with the included safety strap.

See the PT Bedcane in action

  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Length of Handle: 6.5″
  • Height Adjustment of Rail: 19″-25″ from base
  • Depth of Horizontal Tubes: 19″
  • Fits Mattress Heights: 8″-15″

For Complete Specifications, please see brochure

THERE IS A MUCH GREATER RISK OF ENTRAPMENT AND INJURY/DEATH WHEN USING BED RAILS WITH A SOFT MATTRESS! A soft mattress increases the risk that a person’s head, arm, or leg could become entrapped between the mattress and a rail. Entrapment can cause injury or death.

To ensure it is safe to use this product, test your mattress by taking your fist and applying about 12lbs (5.4kg) of weight on the edge of the mattress. If the mattress is soft enough that you can compress the mattress by about 2in (51cm) when applying 12lbs (5.4kg) of weight, do not use this product without the Bed Rail Safety Guard.  To learn more, visit Bed Rail Mattress Safety Guard.