Bed Rail Mattress Safety Guard

The Bed Rail Safety Guard from Stander enables bed rails and bed handles to be used with an extra soft mattress.

By preventing compression in the mattress, the Safety Guard helps to prevent bed rail entrapment.

Guard Width comes in 20-inch or 46-inch.

For Bed Size: King, Queen/Full or Twin.

MATTRESS THICKNESS RANGE: 6″-18″ (15.2cm – 45.7cm)
COMPATIBILITY: Not intended for use on adjustable beds
POSITIONING: Center with the bed rail (when extended if applicable)
REQUIRED: Place a fitted sheet on top of the mattress guard


Which Safety Guard do I Need?

To determine which sized safety guard is required, follow these guidelines:

  1. Identify your bed rail on the list to the left to to decide whether you need a 46″ or 20″ wide safety guard.
  2. Determine your mattress size. The safety guards come in three lengths to fit a twin, full/queen, or king sized bed.

How to Position your Safety Guard

The Bed Rail Mattress Guard must be centered with the bed rail as shown in the figure to the right. If the bed rail is extendable, first extend the rail and then center the safety guard.

NOTE: It is required for a fitted sheet to be installed over the top of the mattress and safety guard after installation.


Buckle the Safety Guard Around the Mattress

To correctly install the safety guard on your mattress, follow these directions:

    1. Place your Safety Guard on top of your mattress centered with your bed rail
    2. Run the B straps with buckles underneath the bed
    3. Secure buckles A and B and tighten straps
    4. Add a fitted sheet over the top of mattress guard