Visco Core, Memory Foam Mattresses

Visco Core, Memory Foam Mattress

Available with Premier and Hi-Low SL models, our Flexabed Visco core memory foam mattresses provide the perfect support for all your joints and pressure points.

Molding perfectly to the shape of your body, this mattress type provides comfort and support like never felt before. Each of these mattresses includes a Visco Core memory foam comfort layer, quilted topping, and polyurethane foam core.

Visco Core, Memory Foam Mattress Sizes
Twin 38×74 38×80 38×84
Full 53×74 53×80 53×84
Queen 60×80 60×84
Split Queen (2) 30×80 (2) 30×84
King 76×80 76×84 72×84
Split King (2) 38×74 (2) 38×80 (2) 38×84
Custom We can create a mattress with your measurements.