Rearview Mirror

Safety is extremely important, especially when crossing busy streets, driving on sidewalks or navigating through parking lots. You can be more visible to pedestrians and vehicles with the scooter safety flag. What about seeing what’s going on behind you as you drive your scooter? You may not have eyes in the back of your head but we can offer the next best thing!
Get the whole view! The Pride Mobility scooter rear view mirror makes backing up safer and easier. No more straining your neck to see behind you. This rearview mirror is the perfect accessory for portable scooters for elderly individuals. It attaches easily to any Pride scooter with a delta tiller, such as the Go Go Elite Traveller® portable scooter. No tools needed! Increase your safety, visibility and enjoy peace of mind.

For Pride Scooters

Note: Not all accessories are available for all products. Please speak with us for details and availability.