Rear Basket

Rear BasketA rear basket for mobility scooters is a great option to meet your storage needs. Whether you’re grocery shopping and need some extra leg room or you’re traveling and can’t carry all your items while driving at the same time, a rear basket provides plenty of space while keeping your items close at hand.

If you are carrying smaller items, a small or large saddlebag might be best for you. A rear basket, on the other hand, is best for larger items. It mounts on the back of your scooter, keeping your items secure so you can drive, hands free and worry-free.

Finding a rear basket for mobility scooters is easy, but you don’t want any old basket. If you want quality and reliability, we recommend checking out our rear basket accessory. Our rear baskets are built specifically to mount to the back of your Pride® electric scooter.

For Pride Scooters

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