Let’s Go
Indoor Rollator

Let’s Go Indoor Rollator

Designed for At-home Indoor Use

With a more narrow footprint than the average rollator, the Let’s Go Rollator is designed for indoor use to navigate through tight hallways and doorways and around furniture.

With six-inch front swivel wheels and a complete braking system, the Let’s Go easily turns in tight spaces. The unique Swedish-designed rollator comes in four different color options: Beech, Walnut, Silver, and Red.


  • NARROW DESIGN: The 22.8″ wide design of the Let’s Go Rollator makes it the perfect option for indoor use to navigate around furniture and through narrow doorways.
  • UNI-LEVER HANDLE: The single handle steering wheel and uni-lever brake handle make it easy to steer and apply the brake with just one hand and supports up to 250 pounds.
  • INCLUDED TRAY: Use the 16″ x 14.5″ plastic tray to trolley food and beverage around the house without fear of spilling or as a TV tray to eat meals from a favorite chair.
  • LARGE BASKET: The fabric basket can be used to help with household chores or transport personal items around the home and can easily be removed using the velcro straps.
  • FOUR WHEELS: The four-wheeled walker has 6-inch swivel wheels on the front to easily turn in tight spaces; set the parking brake to lock the back wheels when not in use.


  • INDOOR USE: Navigate through narrow hallways and doorways or around tight spaces between furniture with the narrow and compact Let’s Go Rollator.
  • TV DINNER TRAY: Enjoy meals from your favorite chair by reversing the rollator toward you while sitting down and eating straight from the included tray!
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Adjust the height of the Let’s Go from 32.5″ to 37.5″ to fit your body type and preference with the easy-to-use adjustment knobs.
  • STYLISH COLORS: Match your rollator to your personality or your indoor décor with four colors to choose from: Beech, Walnut, Silver, or Red.

Use as a Trolley Cart and TV Tray

The Let’s Go Rollator doubles as a trolley cart and TV Tray. Use the included tray and basket to trolley food, beverages, and other items around the house without fear of spilling.

Turn the rollator around and pull the tray up to your lap to use it as a TV dinner tray to enjoy meals while sitting in the comfort of your favorite chair.


Uni-lever Brake and Steering Handle

The single-handle brake and steering wheel are comfortable and easy to use with just one hand making the Let’s Go a perfect option for anyone who has suffered a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or has limited dexterity.

Adjust the handles in height from 32.5″ to 37.5″ by loosening and tightening the adjustment knobs or fold the rollator in half for easy storage.

See the Let’s Go Indoor Rollator in action