Car Caddie

The CarCaddie is perfect for anyone who uses a walker, cane, bed rail, or any type of daily living aid and needs assistance to transfer out of a vehicle.

Getting yourself in and out of a vehicle can be a real challenge.

The CarCaddie from Stander simplifies that process and makes going places easy again. By simply buckling around the frame of the car door, the CarCaddie gives you the added support needed to get in or out of the vehicle.

The CarCaddie is perfect for anyone who uses a walker, cane, bed rail, or any type of daily living aid and assistance to transfer out of the vehicle.


  • ERGONOMIC GRIP: The 5-inch wide no-slip grip provides stability and balance when sitting or standing from a vehicle for weights up to 250 pounds.
  • PORTABLE: Easily store the car assist in your glove box, door compartment, middle console or purse to keep it easily accessible.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The CarCaddie is compatible with any vehicle with window frames.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP: The sturdy nylon strap adjusts in length from 7″-16″ for a customized fit to your vehicle and preference.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Add the CarCaddie to your vehicle by buckling the nylon strap around the top frame of your window


  • PREVENT FALLS: Maintain your independence and prevent dangerous falls while transferring from a vehicle without caregiver assistance.
  • INCREASES LEVERAGE: The additional support of the auto grab handle helps to maintain balance while pulling up to a standing position.
  • EASY TO USE: The CarCaddie is simple and easy to use with no modification to your vehicle required.
  • PERFECT FOR SENIORS: Great for aging adults or anyone who is experiencing limited mobility due to back pain, surgery, or injury recovery.

Increase Leverage to Help Stand

The CarCaddie provides steady and reliable assistance to stand with confident from any vehicle. Hanging from the window frame, the CarCaddie increases your leverage with optimal positioning to pull yourself to a standing position.

The CarCaddie supports weights up to 250 pounds and can be easily stored in the glove box, door compartment, or kept in a purse for easy access.


Compatible with Most Vehicles

The CarCaddie is designed to be strapped around the window frame of most vehicles. The sturdy nylon strap is adjustable from 7″-16″ to provide a customized and optimal position.

Using the CarCaddie does not require any modifications to be made and will not damage your vehicle.


Goes Perfectly with the Metro Car Handle Plus

The CarCaddie works well with higher-set vehicles like trucks, vans, and SUVs where it is difficult to lower yourself to your feet. The extra leverage provided by the auto handle makes standing from a higher-set vehicle easier!

The CarCaddie can be used with the Metro Car Handle Plus when needing to pull yourself from a lower-set vehicle.