Compact Travel Scooters

Go Anywhere with Pride’s Go-Go Travel Mobility!

Whether you’re an avid traveler or car commuter, having a portable mobility scooter can make life a whole lot easier. Go-Go Travel Mobility Products from Pride Mobility feature light weight construction and easy to disassemble models that make traveling with a scooter a breeze. Choose from a variety of styles and features to find the Go-Go Travel Mobility Product that’s right for you.

Go-Go Travel Mobility Products are made for indoor and outdoor use, and their feather-touch disassembly allows users to easily transport and store them. With the addition of a convenient front basket Go-Go Travel Mobility Products are a versatile solution at home or in town. Learn more about our travel mobility products today!

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Go-Go Sport

Go-Go ES 2

Go-Go Ultra X

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Go-Go Elite Traveller

Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus

Go-Go Folding Scooter